Holidays in 2019 - days in which the Embassy is closed:
Portuguese Holidays

January 1st - New Year's Day

April 19th - Good Friday

April 25th - Carnation Revolution

May 1st - International Workers' Day

June 10th - Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities

June 20th - Corpus Christi

August 15th - Day of the Assumption of Mary

November 1st - All Saints' Day

December 25th - Christmas Day

Cuban Holidays

January 2nd - Triumph of the Revolution and Day of the Revolutionary Armed Forces

July 25th and 26th - Comemoration of the assault on the Moncada barracks

October 10th - Independence Day 

December 31st - New Year's Eve


The requirements and documents necessary to obtain a visa to Portugal are available HERE (Portuguese version). The Table of Consular Fees is available HERE.

For further information on visas, please contact us by email ( or telephone (+53 72047995).


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You can also initiate your Visa On-line processhere.

The template for the "Term of Responsibility" is avaiable here: Termo de Responsabilidade

For information on other consular services, please check the Portal of Portuguese Communities or send us an email to the Consular Section of the Embassy ( 

Consular Registration

In order to do your consular registration, you will need to present the following documents:

 - Copy of ID (Citizen Card, ID Card, Passport or Birth Certificate in case the citizen does not have ID Card or Citizen Card).

- Proof of address (copy). The Cuban ID is valid for this purpose.

- Registration Form (available upon request).

Please note that Consular Registration is a prerequisite for any consular services provided by the Embassy to Portuguese citizens residing in Cuba or Haiti.

Consular Registration is free but its certificate has a 10 Euros fee (The current exchange rate is 1 Euro = 1,1438 CUC, as defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal). 

Electoral Registration

For the Electoral Registration it is only necessary to present a Portuguese ID (Citizen Card, ID Card, Passport) and proof of address (Cuban residence permit is valid). For more information, click HERE.

The Electoral Registration is FREE 

Our Contacts


Telephone: +53 7204 2871 / 7204 0149 

Consular Emergency: +53 5 2804454 (24h)

Office of Consular Emergency in Portugal

Mobile: +351 961 706 472 (24h)

Phone: +351 217929714



Hours of service


Monday to Thursday from 10h to 14h30 and Friday from 10h to 13h30.

Scheduling an appointment - by phone

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9h to 10h30.

Open to public (with appointment)

Monday to Thursday from 10h to 13h. 

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